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Global Tech IdeasSeptember 14, 20219min60
Nigeria is a flourishing economy with a versatile corporate ecosystem and with that in mind; here are a few things that a company must do post-business setup. The temptation to do business and tip the scales of global markets is never-ending, and with this progressive perspective comes the idea to expand into more profitable locations […]


Global Tech IdeasSeptember 6, 20219min80
Thanks to the forward-thinking ways of the government, Bahrain has grown into the most well-established financial hub among the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. Besides the non-oil sector, the financial services industry happens to be the most significant contributor to the country’s GDP. If you have a Bahrain business of your own, the time to outsource payroll […]


Global Tech IdeasApril 15, 20214min90
Big-screen devotees such as myself are appreciative to see cinemas start to resume. It’s a resurgence that will ideally be a lifesaver for AMC Entertainment Holdings (nyse AMC at, which was consuming $130 million every month because of overall pandemic-related terminations. Truly, there’s as yet far to go before the theater business gets anyplace […]


Global Tech IdeasFebruary 24, 202111min40
e-commerce business E-commerce has become an integral part of the business world. Especially now, almost everyone is locked indoors, and market conditions are continually evolving. Real-life shopping seems to be an unattainable dream. Simultaneously, online shopping has completely taken over and saved the day for most brands and companies that are booming but thriving in […]