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Global Tech IdeasOctober 7, 20216min100
Panama is another lucrative business investment platform that has uplifted its position in the global investor’s eyes. The Panamanian offshore model has become the world ideal due to its flexible formation structure, methods to provide customer privacy, and supportive legal framework. Investing in the region is one of the best business moves you can make […]


Global Tech IdeasSeptember 14, 20219min190
Nigeria is a flourishing economy with a versatile corporate ecosystem and with that in mind; here are a few things that a company must do post-business setup. The temptation to do business and tip the scales of global markets is never-ending, and with this progressive perspective comes the idea to expand into more profitable locations […]


Global Tech IdeasSeptember 6, 20219min230
Thanks to the forward-thinking ways of the government, Bahrain has grown into the most well-established financial hub among the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. Besides the non-oil sector, the financial services industry happens to be the most significant contributor to the country’s GDP. If you have a Bahrain business of your own, the time to outsource payroll […]


Global Tech IdeasAugust 25, 20214min190
Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for educational institutions. Is your school adequately prepared for new and continuing threats? To survive in this dangerous digital reality, you need a security solution that provides reliable support for compliance goals. Compliance is important because the world is becoming increasingly digitized, and without safeguards in place, all that digital […]


Global Tech IdeasJuly 26, 202113min150
Hey, it’s Joshua Vergara — what’s goingon everybody? You can see in the title below that I have a fun one for you. So I thought why don’t we just keep this casual? Have some fun with this and unbox a specialedition of an Oppo Reno5. That’s right, we have the Marvel Edition — Marvel […]


Global Tech IdeasMay 11, 20219min210
Are you feeling stressed? Is it because of the job or anything more personal? Regardless of why you feel better, it is quintessential for you to identify the cause and work towards it. Often whenever people are stressed, they opt for unhealthy ways and means to cope, such as consuming alcohol or smoking. Just remember […]


Global Tech IdeasMay 11, 20218min140
Millions of people globally experience or have experienced acid reflux at least once in their life. Primarily, when you have acid reflux, the most prevalent treatment that your doctor may prescribe you is commercial medications like omeprazole. But, in addition to it, there are also an array of lifestyle changes, which can help you deal […]