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No one needs to be the person who stinks after each workout, but besides cleaning out workout clothes, it’s just as vital for scrubbing your workout bag down occasionally. Indeed, your Best Bag For Gym And Work will begin to smell if you’re not often washing them, which can lead to you as well as your clothes smelling. So how frequently would it be advisable for you to wash your gym bag? And how would you be able to maintain your bag to make sure it stays in great condition through many months of workouts? We’ve got the solutions for you rounded up below.

How many times should you wash a gym bag?

Several people don’t understand that washing your gym clothes isn’t sufficient, and that duffel bags should be routinely washed too. While sweat doesn’t stink, the bacteria that it houses as well as bacteria can be transmitted to gym bags when filthy gym clothes are thrown into it and kept there for long periods. Moreover, numerous people keep their workout shoes in gym bags, which additionally carry a great number of germs and bacteria on both their insoles and exterior soles.

It’s suggested that gym bags be washed basically at least twice a week for individuals who are regular gym rats. If you exercise very little, you can get into the weekly or monthly routine of simply washing your gym bag. While a few bags can be thrown into a washing machine, others should be hand washed. Luckily, most gym bags are generally machine washable, as they are formed using nylon, which can be cleaned in washing machines.

If you need to wash your gym bag by hand, as few overly structured gym bags should be, blend a little soap with water and utilize a moist cloth to wipe down the bag’s exterior and interior. For all gym bags, it’s ideal to allow them to air dry before a heater if possible.

More Gym Bag Maintenance Tips

If you’re finding a convenient solution for a foul gym bag and don’t have enough time to wash it, try throwing some dry tea packs into the bag. Tea bags work best to kill odor and eliminate them. Make sure to take them out for several days. Dryer sheets are another choice for individuals who need a new scent to emanate from their gym bags. Also, you’ll need to swap these consistently for a new scent.

Keeping a pack of disinfecting wipes is additionally a smart idea, as these will enable you to do a fast bag wipe down every time you utilize it. Disinfecting wipes will assist with eliminating germs and bacteria that are developing bad smells in your bag.

Essential oils can likewise be utilized to help give your gym bag a fresher fragrance. Blend a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree with a little water and store it in a spray bottle. From there, you can steam the bag and furthermore, let it air dry.

If you’re often washing your gym bag in a washing machine and as yet finding that it’s hanging onto odors, try dumping a little white vinegar into your washing machine while washing. A half-cup of white vinegar must be sufficient to fight the crazy smell which detergent may be leaving your gym bag with.

Lastly, always ensure you let your duffel bag air out occasionally. Bacteria multiply in a closed gym bag, so don’t forget to open it up when feasible and let it breathe.

How Long Can You Keep Sweaty Clothes In A Gym Bag Before It Begins Smelling?

If you truly need to stop the smells that are coming from your gym bag, you can stop the issue from the beginning by preventing bacteria from getting in your Best Crossfit Gym Bag in the first place. Most of the bacteria enter into gym bags via dirty gym clothes. Try storing your dirty clothes in a plastic bag prior to placing them into your gym bag.

Moreover, after your workout, leave dirty garments and gym shoes in your gym bag for less amount of time as could be expected. When you’re home, it’s important that you take out the sweaty clothes and don’t allow them to sit in the gym bag overnight.

Final Takeaway

The fact of the matter is your gym bag houses just as several germs as the stuff you put inside it. You can take off your shoes and sweaty clothes, yet that doesn’t mean they won’t abandon bacteria and dirt behind. The most ideal approach to keep your gym bag clean is to, well, clean it! You can even set a calendar alert for timely washing, rather than trusting that a smell will remind you. For the best outcomes, adhere to the care instruction tag on your bag. In between washes, don’t forget to give your gym bag a weekly once-over with antibacterial wipes.

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