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Hey, it’s Joshua Vergara — what’s goingon everybody? You can see in the title below that I have a fun one for you. So I thought why don’t we just keep this casual? Have some fun with this and unbox a specialedition of an Oppo Reno5. That’s right, we have the Marvel Edition — Marvel Edition! — of the Oppo Reno5! I love how much attention to detail Oppo put intothis entire experience — not only into the phone itself and it’s designinside and out, but also to all of the accessories and even thebox itself.

Even the inside of the lid has the Avengers drawnon it, the six original — what we have here are Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, CaptainAmerica, Iron Man and Black Widow which, by the way, are the logos that you see onthe first layer of the box contents. This particular layer just had a little bit ofdocumentation, nothing too special there aside from the sleeve that had the logos on there,and then we get to the actual phone itself. It is a thin and light phone, which is stillimpressive the way it was back on the Reno5 Pro that I reviewed. But once we get past the plastic, I can alreadyfeel a textured backing.

It’s one thing for it to look so cool with theAvengers logo in the middle and the colors that are inspired by the Avengersand Marvel but it also feels really nice. If you take a look at the various areas of thebacking, you have a different texture to them. This one’s matted and this one actually has apattern to it. As a matter of fact, that this colorway isdirectly inspired by the quantum suit that the Avengers wore in Avengers: Endgame. We’ll take a look at the design even more a littlebit later, but let’s get to the rest of the box contents. The first thing we see after the phone is anawesome case.

It is a thin plastic case but it has thiswonderful design on the back again with all of the Avengers drawn on it with theMarvel logo. Think of all those times that you might be lookingfor accessories to just show off things that you’re really interested in — well, this is included with the phone and this isexactly the kind of case that I would love to have for aphone like this. Granted, the phone looks so good already that I’mnot sure I want to cover it up with this case — both look so good, it’s kind of hard to choose. The attention to detail continues with theincluded accessories. You get the full bevy of them.

We start off with the headphones which actuallyhave the Captain America shield on one earbud and then the Iron Man symbol on the other. Now, these are also 3.5 millimeter headphone jackheadphones because there is a headphone jack on this phone. But that also means that these headphones areprobably ones I’ll be happy to have as like a backup pair in my backpack. And then we get to the charging cable which isaccompanied by a charging brick — super excited to see that this power brick worksin US plugs — that way I don’t have to use an adapter.

And also this phone does support 50W flashcharging, though I will admit that it probably should havebeen called Quicksilver charge. So with all of that said I go through some of thesetup. And immediately as I do with most phones, I justgo straight into the Google Play Store, which again is a wonderful detail that I wanted toshare about this device.

A little while back I did another unboxing of anOppo device that was a League of Legends Tournament Edition. And I was really excited because it was such abeautiful looking device — the design was out of this world. Unfortunately, that phone only came with a ChineseROM so I wasn’t even able to use it as a regular everyday device. Meanwhile, this Reno5, even though it might nothave 5G capabilities, is a global device with a global ROM.

So that means I can access Google Play servicesand be able to install everything using this phone as a daily driver if I want to. And you know what that just might happen becausethis is one of the coolest smartphones that I have ever had. And I probably will want to use it at least oncein a while. I mentioned that this is not a 5G device – solet’s go through some of the top level specifications for this version the Marvel edition of the OppoReno5 That lack of 5G is due to the Snapdragon 720G –now it is a G platform processor which means it can do some gaming.

So, you know me — I went ahead and installedgames like Ragnarok M and Genshin Impact and I’m going to put a few more on here to enjoythe gaming on this device. Games and media should all look pretty great onhere with a 6.4 inch AMOLED display. This is a Full HD+ panel capable of 90hz refreshrate, which is pretty good for most of the games that you can find in the Play Store. And since it is an AMOLED display, there areproper always on display options here — not to mention the fact that ColorOS 11 provides aton of customization options for said AOD. This Marvel edition of the Oppo Reno5 comes with8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage.

And finally, as far as the battery is concerned,we have 4310mAh hours in that unit. Once again, easy to top up with the 50W flashcharging and the animation for the charging is inspired by Iron Man’s heads up display. Now I’m not diving too deeply into the camerapackage here but it is very similar to the Oppo Reno5 Pro that I’ve already reviewed so you can check thatvideo out in the link above and in the description That said we have a 64MP main sensor, an 8MP ultrawide, below. and two 2MP backups — one of them being, ofcourse, a macro.

As far as the front facing camera is concerned, itis a 44 megapixel shooter. All of this attention to detail also influencesthe software experience. You can already see that there are customwallpapers here and a lot of custom icons — some of which are corresponding to specificapplications. I’ll just name off a few of the highlights: the Phone icon is inspired by Nick Fury, the camera icon is the center chestpiece from IronMan, the messaging app is inspired by the CaptainAmerica uniform, and the browser icon is from Vision. And even if there’s no corresponding icon forcertain applications, they’re still wrapped up in a circle that just lets them blend in with the rest of themotif.

Overall, though, ColorOS 11 is nice and optimizedand definitely moving smoothly across this 90hz refresh rate screen. And finally, we have a customizable lock screen — here on the lock screen, if you hit this littleicon down here that allows you to switch up the wallpaper on the lock screen, you can pick one of the six Avengers, or just havethe Avengers logo. Even though all of these wallpapers look supercool, you may or may not be able to see them too often,if you use any of the biometrics to easily get past the lock screen.

Still, it’s all greatly appreciated. If you remember my last unboxing of a specialedition device, I was saying, “why don’t we see more phones likethis?” So when Oppo reached out and said, “Hey, do you want to try out the Marvel Edition ofthe Oppo Reno5?” You know I jumped right on it. And I’m veryappreciative to be able to try out one of the most unique phones that I think I’veever had my hands on. It’s just so cool to have a device that you mightend up using every single day also have the stylings of things that you’rereally interested in. And even just looking at the design of this phone,I think Oppo did a wonderful job ensuring that that feeling permeates from the look to the feelto the actual experience of the smartphone.

Honestly, I find myself sometimes just staring atthis phone — MARVELing at it, if you will. Pun alert. Well, I also think this is really good timingbecause we’ve just got done with WandaVision and now we have The Falcon and the Winter Soldierplaying at the moment. So everything is kind of Marvel right now. Andthis came in just in time for all of that. For more unboxings of cool smartphones like thisand beyond, make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. But all of that said, I’m gonna call it on thisone. Thank you so much for watching. Take care of yourselves and each other and enjoyyour tea, everybody.

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