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REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS Everyone on the earth is aware of the major impact of plastic bags on the environment. These plastic bags take many years to decompose in the soil and a toxic is released by these plastic bags when they perish in the sunlight. Also, when the plastic is burned, they release a toxic substance into the air that causes ambient air pollution. There are many campaigns running worldwide to inform people to not use plastic bags but only a few people take this seriously. In the market, there are various alternatives available for plastic bags such as mesh produce bags

Currently there are many companies in the world that are manufacturing plastic bags and stuff in the world which is a serious problem to the health of the environment. Therefore, we need to take action or otherwise these plastic bags will continue polluting our land and water. The time has come to start using eco-friendly materials. We must switch to eco-friendly shopping bags that can be used again and again. People should start a habit of bringing their own bags whenever they go to the supermarket and shopping center to avoid taking the plastic bags that are given in the supermarket. It’s high time to contribute towards minimizing plastic waste.

Benefits of Using A Reusable Mesh Bag

Conserve Resources- Natural oil such as crude oil and petroleum are used to create plastic bags. So, by switching to a cotton produce bag, we will be creating a lesser demand for a plastic bag and that will eventually conserve our resources. Hence, this will lead to less environmental pollution due to plastic bags. 

Decrease Pollution- The effect of the plastic on the environment is worse and can be devastating in the near future. Hence, going for a mesh bag will lower this pollution ratio in the environment and make it a healthier place to live.

Enjoy Strength and Durability- The mesh bags are likely to handle more weight. Unlike plastic bags, these usable bags have a strong handle that does not tear off or develop holes. These usable bags are easier to use both for loading and unloading groceries and survive a safe trip to home easily without any hassle. 

Fashionable bags- These eco-friendly bags are new fashion statements that you can go for as they are designed in such a way that people get attracted to them. Also, you will find many of the sellers in the market who are selling these reusable bags in different sizes, colors, styles, and designs.

Why should you choose a Cotton mesh bag?

Cotton mesh bags are made up of the best cotton material that will encourage people to go for an eco-friendly bag. Cotton is considered as the most eco-friendly material that people use in their daily life. 

Here are some reasons that will motivate you to move towards an environment-friendly material:

  • Cotton is a pure material which is used in manufacturing cotton reusable bags without using any chemical in the process. Cotton is 100% naturally grown on the soil that makes it a plant-based substance and very environment-friendly.
  • After the manufacturing of the cotton, it is woven into the threads, which later on converted into the final product. So, these bags can be used several times. It’s one of the most durable materials and can be easily washed by hand or in a machine. As the cotton clothes are in demand in summer and you wore them many times before it tore out. As compared to the cotton bags, the plastic bags have a limited span and they cannot be used after 2-3 uses and then we have to throw them away.

·   Cotton bags have biodegradable properties as it’s made from a plant-based product. You can use it multiple times and when it breaks down, it can easily decompose in the soil naturally. 

Cotton bags have many other benefits rather than being environmentally friendly. If you go and buy stuff like fruits and vegetables and put them right into the refrigerator, it will keep your veggies and fruits fresh for a longer time.

We are now aware of the harmful effects of plastic bags on our environment, we should start switching to Reusable mesh produce bags as it’s one of the best and most affordable alternatives. By doing so, we will be conserving our natural resources for our future generations while being eco-friendly.

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