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Shapes continue to be utilized as powerful weapons to convey a story or message to the average viewer. Shapes come in different outlooks and sizes, which is why they are considered a part of visual design elements that can appeal to a larger audience.

The more aesthetic the shape is, the more the viewer will likely respond to it. This is why it has become common to see brands adopt geometric shapes as their best tools in the creation of their designs.

Shapes have existed for thousands of years and are experiencing evolutionary changes alongside the art world every day. This is why the usage of shapes in unlimited graphic design agencies has skyrocketed. These agencies are fully aware of the requirements of geometric shapes in their designing projects.

In the designing world, geometric shapes comprise five shapes: triangle, spiral, square, intersecting lines, and circle. The examples of these shapes are all around us, so it makes sense that they are implemented in marketing initiatives.

They have the ability to make an impact on their viewers positively and productively as they are deeply entrenched in nature. Perception is vital when it comes to visual structures when you want to gain success in your story conveyance strategy.

To substantiate their interest, it is imperative that you add strong imagery and other design elements that establish a connection with your audience. You need to ensure that the shapes reflect your brand positively; otherwise, they will not generate attention. Shapes are a part of brand identity that imprints itself in the minds of your client base.

Using Geometric Shapes for Designs

Shapes are a communicative medium for many designers where the brand’s relationship and the customer are cemented. Logos are an ideal example of this. If you incorporate shapes into your logo design, you will send a message of stability and consistency in your design.

Whether it be circles or squares, you need to maintain this stability to generate trust among your target audience. This will benefit your marketing endeavors as geometric shapes have a solidified aura associated with them.

Geometric shapes can be embedded in every aspect of your brand, whether on the packaging design or your store’s interiors. That said, you need to ensure that the shapes do not mesh with one another to the point they end up looking messy.

Circles and Ovals 

Many shapes originate from the circle, including the ones that pertain to nature. In many instances, its term is known as the “circle of life,” which covers the shapes of cells and the earth.

A circle embodies continuation that depicts diverse elements and components. This is why many government agencies and NGOs adopt its usage in their logos and other graphic design entities based on the internationalism of its outlook. For them, a circle is the literal manifestation of globalization.

The emotions that emanate from ovals and circles are positivity and optimism, which means they work harmoniously. A shape that consists of curved lines represents a feminine aura.

Circles and ovals also constitute indefinite movement where there is no beginning or end. This makes it a superior choice for many brands who wish to immortalize their business vision and mission.

Rectangles and Squares

Rectangles and squares are patriarchal shapes that embody stability. This is why they are more commonly used in designs that want to exude a strong and robust look and feel. The masculine energy they emit evokes emotions such as strength, honesty, and trust.

The straight lines that are displayed on the rectangles and squares depict balance, rationality, and pragmatism. This is why they are ideal tools to capture the attention of the target audience.

Owing to their everyday use, they tend to be seen as boring and very conventional. However, combining their shapes with another or adding some vibrant colors and contrast can come out looking energetic and exciting.

Square and rectangles are usually used in website designs to guide the eyes of the viewer. This is because they are more recognizable to the viewers, who can register their shapes with convenience.

One aspect of a square’s uniqueness is its religious and spiritual context, especially when it pertains to Buddhism. This makes its connection with the viewer more empathetic and relatable.


The point of spirals is to create a sense of consistency in the visual designs. There are a lot of spiral shapes present around us, especially in nature. The seashell that you collect from the beach has a spiral shape embedded in it.

It is the same with the form of a snail shell and stars’ distribution in a galaxy. This signifies evolution and development, which is beneficial for many businesses who want to be seen as trendy and advanced.

Spirals are inventive shapes that can construct innovative designs on their own with respect to direction. Its indefinite outlook makes it perfect for brands to pique the interest of the viewers and generate traffic.


If you are wary of using squares and rectangles because they showcase an ordinary look, you need to switch to triangles instead. Triangles can merge with different shapes if incorporated in a design effectively.

They provide designers with more freedom to construct robust structures. A triangle consists of different connotations depending on which side of the triangle you focus on. They can effuse power and stability when positioned in an upward manner.

However, if they are placed downwards, they can embody instability. Triangles are also gender fluid when it comes to their positioning. They can be masculine or matriarchal, depending on how you present their shape.

Hexagons, Pentagons,and Octagons 

These shapes have about five, six, or eight sides associated with them. They are also known as polygon shapes and are considered the most versatile forms of design. You can locate these shapes across your surroundings and everyday activities, which makes them a lot more symbolic.

It has been proven that many viewers take a pause to decipher the bodies in front of them. If executed flawlessly, polygon shapes will accumulate much-needed capital and traffic for the brand that uses them.

The best attribute about these polygons is that they provide brands with a fresh and new perspective on things, especially considering most of the shapes industry is limited to squares, triangles, and circles.

By separating themselves from the competition, brands have a more substantial chance of gaining a receptive audience that shares an enthusiasm for anything unusual.

Polygon shapes are also a way to puzzle your audience and increase their curiosity in solving the bigger picture of your design. You can incorporate these shapes in your logo or website but avoid mixing them to form a distinct outline.

It will only come out discombobulated, which will frustrate the viewer. There must only be an element of surprise associated with the usage of polygon shapes.

It is clear that geometric shapes are a mandatory requirement for designs and, over time, have become inseparable. It requires perfect execution that allows the shape to convey your message and extend your brand awareness without having to rely too much on other design elements such as textual information.

The shape alone must be efficient enough to speak for your brand. If the prospects of incorporating shapes according to your terms are insufficient, you can always transfer that responsibility to graphic design agencies such as Designster. They have all the tools and equipment present to facilitate your brands’ growth by blending its visual design elements with the appropriate shapes. Just ensure that you trust your instincts no matter what.

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